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still have the power to decide what plans can and can't be sold in their states but the bottom line is, insurers can extend current plans that would otherwise be canceled into 2014 and americans whose plans had been canceled can choose to reenroll in the statement kind of plan. my expectation was that for 98% of the american people, either genuine wouldn't change at all or they'd be pleasantly surprised with the options in the marketplace, and that the grandfather clause would cover the rest. that proved not to be the case. and that's on me. >> one of the architects of the affordable care act, otherwise known as obama care, joins us now, jonathan gruber. what do you think of the new fix, allowing people going to lose their insurance policies to keep them for another year?
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what's your reaction? >> my reaction is, i'm sorry we're in this situation. i think that when -- what the president said, exactly right, is the affordable care act is the minimally disruptive way to get to where we need get in america which is to fix our broken and discriminatory insurance markets. people in congress didn't think it was good enough. they wanted to fix the broken insurance markets and make sure no one lost. you can't do that. if you fix the brokeness insurance market some people benefitting from the broken market have to pay more. the president had to deal with the issue. i thought they dealt with it in an effective way by allowing one more year for people to keep their plans. it's a good solution because it takes pressure off the web failure, it gives people more time to sign up. >> to be fair to members of congress who have been objecting to the wrinkle in the law, president obama did say repeatedly if you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period. i guess he should not have made that promise or been clearer
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about it, don't you think? >> he absolutely should have been vaguer in his statement. but the job of people in congress, at least in my view, not to worry about word smithing but make the best possible policy. the affordable care act struck the right balance of trying to minimize the disruption to people having insurance to a system that's very popular, nondiscriminatory insurance system is number one thing people want to see out of the law. people in congress need to recognize it involves trade-offs. congress people don't want to make the trade-offs. >> one of the issues that i heard before president obama made this announcement today people in his administration said that allowing individuals to keep their policies even if they didn't meet the standards set by obama care would undermine obama care. do you agree? >> i believe that something like the landrieu bill or upton bill would have undermined obama care because they're open-ended so people can keep their plans
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forever. what that would mean is rate shock in 2015 and ongoing problem of higher rates. advantage of what the president proposes is it's close-ended. deals with the transition problem, the website problem but ends so insurers can still in 2015 have the certainty they can set reasonable rates without worrying about healthy people staying out of the risk people. >> explain why insurance companies are ending policies. some are junk policies but not all requirements for obama care set standards that not everybody, for instance, a 65-year-old man who is covered with individual insurance would not have a plan with maternity care. now he would. explain to viewers why that would be why these plans that are not junk plans are not meeting these standards. >> sure. so two issues you raise. one is what is the right standard? that's a hard question. what the president decided and what congress decide was insurers should no longer
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discriminate by gender. women no women should not pay more for coverage. so every insurance plan will cover prescription coverage, et cetera, that's a policy decision made by the president in congress. a separate issue, what about people who because of the existing discriminatory nature of the insurance market got favorably priced products, people never sick, insurance companies gave them products at steep discounts recognizing when people got sick they then would pay higher prices and could get dropped. people are upset because they will pay more. i hope they'd appreciate the benefit of a world if they get sick tomorrow they won't get dropped or pay higher prices and that's what they're getting out of obama care. in the meantime they'll be paying higher prices. >> you're at architect of romney care. we talked about the fact few
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enrollees initially with romney care though we talked about the fact that people were not getting kicked off their policies at the rate that's going on on a national level with obama care. can you tell us about the website for romney care? did you have the same types of problems that the health care dot governor website is having with 27,000 americans able to enroll in a plan? >> the website for romney care was a lot easier. it did -- it went more smoothly, rough in the begin, went more smoothly. but it's a much easier lift. the key thing we weren't doing the eligibility determination functions that have been done by the federal website. given all of the website problems to have 100,000 people signed up, which is 1.5% of their target, is pretty good compared to what we did in massachusetts with fewer website problem. >> they need 7 million people signed up by the spring. president obama today was saying
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that he did not think that this would happen with individuals kicked off their plan. he knew some plans wouldn't meet standard but go on obama care and find better deals. if you look at what was in the federal register, if you look at president obama's own comments from the health care forumhe kn lose coverage, whether they liked it or not. can you explain, as an architect of a similar plan and somebody who helped write the affordable care act, what was supposed to happen with those 7 to 9 million americans who were going to be kicked off the plan whether or not they liked it or not? >> first of all the number's like 6 million. millions of people whose plans wouldn't qualify. the idea is if they were low income they'd be able to go into the exchange and get tax credits and they will once the website is working and they can see that. the concern people have losing plans would be offset by seeing
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beneficial tax credits they'd get. some people who had substandard plans which, for example, didn't cover the hospital, which is not real insurance, would have to buy up and they would pay more but the hope that is they'd appreciate the extra coverage they'd be getting. >> how many 6 million or so americans had what you call substandard or junk plans? is it majority of the 6 million? is it a small percentage? >> you know we don't really know. if i had to guess, i'd say half. the truth is we don't really know. >> and, jonathan, are you surprised at the curfuffle at all of the controversy that happened since the launch of obama care october 1st? >> i'm not. i can't remember in my lifetime a law once passed the opposing party ramped up opposition rather than standing down and moving on to the next topic. contract with medicare part d, a few democrats voted for it but once passed the democrats rolled over and said, despite the fact
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that a huge implementation problems like obama care does they didn't try to repeal it they weren't trying to go after it in this waiy. i'm not surprised. fundamentally, obama care's a very bipartisan structure. look, it was based on ideas proposed by the heritage foundation and endorsed by republican governor of massachusetts. obama, to his credit said i'm going to take the republican idea and adopt it. once he adopted it, it was terrible. that's what's frustrating. >> i want to get a reaction to you by a statement put out by the insurance industry. changing the rules after health plans have met the requirements of the law could destabilize the market and result in higher premiums for consumers. that's from the american's health insurance plans organization, ahip. she says it could destabilize the market. >> you know, the insurers have every right to be upset today. they were very good actors in
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this. they made a trade-off. they said we will end the discriminatory practices which have been a lot of how we made our money over the past 40 years, in return for everyone coming together in this fairly priced insurance market. all of the proposals in congress would have broken that contract in a major way. the president's proposal break that will contract in a little bit of a way because it says in 2014 some of the folks you thought would come into the markets won't be coming in and insurers have a right to be upset. it speaks to the misunderstanding of the fact that we can magically fix insurance market but was not create any losers. >> jonathan gruber, one of the architects of the romney care law and somebody who helped form obama care. thank you. we'll take a quick break. more analysis, more information about the affordable care act coming right up. anna.
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nthat's why they deserve... aer anbrake dance. call to find out what a great solution this can be. get 50% off new brake pads and shoes. welcome back. president obama's decision to, shall we say, tweak his signature health care law is generating a lot of reaction from within his own party. joining me now from capitol hill, congressman steisrael. you said obama care could be improves, the decision to delay insurance cancellations for a year, that is enough? >> it is an improvement. i had several dozen constituents on long island in new york, call my whofs received these lack of coverage notices and they weren't interested in who was to blame. they wanted to know how it was going to be solved. today the president took a very important step in solving that problem. i can tell constituents there is a solution.
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secondly, look, where there need to be be fixes and improvements of the affordable care act we ought to do it. i do not support repealing, defunding and reversing the affordable care act. so let's continue in the spirit of cooperation to make these improvements but let's not go back to a system where too many americans were told that they were losing coverage, that a preexisting condition was kicking them off the coverage. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi says that your caucus, house democrats, are going to offer up your own fix tomorrow. what's in this fix? >> well, we're going to dough into a meeting to talk about whether there is a need to continue to pursue legislative resolution to this. i think that the president had an important step and he can do this administratively. if there is a need for us to do this legislatively, then i'm open to that. what's important is not the process, whether you do this administratively or whether you do this legislatively.
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what's important is the solution and that's what most americans want us focused on. >> there are individuals in your caucus, like congressman doyle, expressed relation frustration behind closed doors with the difference what the white house has been doing, reaction when it comes to obama care and complaints about the website, complaints about the shall we call it a broken pledge of not being able to keep your health plan if you like your health plan. you are somebody, as the chair of the dccc, body in charge of electing democrats to the house, you hear from a lot of democrats worried about re-election, upset about what they're hearing from their constituents. with the understanding that you support the health care bill what are some of the complaints that you're hearing that need to be fixed beyond what president obama discussed today? >> well, look, there are two plaj complai major complaints a website that has not worked, must be fixed and the notices that people received that their coverage was
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being terminated. both fix -- both solutions need fixes and we need to focus on the fixes. going forward, people don't care about the politics of this stuff. honestly, they shouldn't be hung up on who to blame. how do you get it fixed? how do you get it solved? every poll i've seen on the issue says the same thing, most persons prefer a member of congress who vows to fix and improve the affordable care act versus the member of congress obsessed with repealing and defunding the affordable care act. and so we need to be focused on fixes, improvements and solutions and not get hung up on the partisanship and politics of repealing and defunding the law. >> congressman, do you think as this bill was being sold to the american people that the white house and those pushing the bill were as forth right about some of the issues as they could have been? specifically referring to if you like your health plan you can keep your health plan, but also
10:17 am
the fact that if you look at some of the trade-offs that are going to be made, generally speaking when it comes to the individual insurance market, women will pay less, men will pay more, older people pay less, younger people pay more. healthy people will pay more, six people will pay less. i don't know that that was fully conveyed to the american people. if you can go back in time, do you think there should have been more honest salesmanship. >> more precise education and salesmanship, no question about that. but you can't go back in time. all you can do is move forward. and since going back in time is physically impossible, we should focus on what is in our control, what is in our control is continuing to make improvements and fixes to this law and not allow a small group of republicans or a large group of republicans in the house of representatives to continue to ambush and sabotage this law. what counts is where we end up. here's where we need to end up, with a law that provides s
10:18 am
expensive coverage for americans and consumer protections most of the case work in my office on health care issues was from constituents diagnoses with breast cancer or preexisting conditions told by insurance companies you lose, literally, you lose your policy. i do not want to go back to that system. >> i hear what you're saying. but in order for people with preexisting conditions to automatically be able to get insurance, other people need to pay more to pay for that. i don't know that that was fully and adequately conveyed to the american people. >> what we have to do is continue to try to make fixes where we can and make those improvements which is a far better alternative than junking the entire law and going back to the system where americans had health insurance companies controlling their health care. where fundamental health decisions were made based not on how do we get you healthy but
10:19 am
enlarge profits as an insurance company. i do not want to go back to that. can this law continue to be improved? yes, i'm all in on that. we'll work with democrats and republicans to accomplish the goal. continuing to ambush and s sabotage it is not a good option for the american people. >> chairman of the democratic congressional campaign committee, democrat from new york, thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you. dana bash joins me from capitol hill. you have news about mary landrieu's legislation, the democratic senator from louisiana, who had a bill to delay or actually to allow americans to keep their health plan if they like their health plan. what's going on? what's the news? >> reporter: the new shake she's not letting up on it all. she is going to continue to push for her legislation. put out a statement applauding what the president said but saying that what she has been pushing she will continue to do. for several reasons. one, substantively, she -- by
10:20 am
the way, she's not alone, she has other democratic senators, some of whom also up for re-election, like landrieu is -- saying they believe that this shouldn't just be a one-year fix which is what the president is proposing to doed apalestinian straightively. this should be permanent. if you like your health plan, it was canceled you should be able to reinstate that not just a year but a long time. secondly, it would be mandatory. but what does this mean? politically, going forward, it means that certainly this is a big plus for democrats here on capitol hill with the president admitting that he is really hurt and thrown under the bus politically in the next election year because of the problems with obama care beut they realized those in the democratic caucuses in the national asenat house the president isn't somebody they can rely on, they need to be active participants,
10:21 am
a quote from democratic leadership aide, in finding a solution. you're not going to see letting up by democrats who want to have a legislative fix as well. it's also why nancy pelosi, democratic leader in the house, says they are going to have an alternative to give democrats to vote on tomorrow when this issue comes before the house. >> all right. dana bash, thank you. coming up, chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta joins us to where sees the impact of the new fix.
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welcome back.
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chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta joins us on the phone from london. you're familiar with the insurance industry as a doctor, as well ace journalist. how well do you think the insurance industry and companies are going to react to this news from president obama that individuals who have been kicked off their plan, because the plans don't meet requirements of obama care, can stay on their plans for an additional year? >> i think it's tough to paint the entire insurance industry with one broad brush. certainly it's a bit disruptive and people already start thinking about whether it's going to have an impact on premiums, cost for insurers, people buying policies next year. but you know, when you talk to these folks -- i've been reporting on this for a long time -- it's a long game here. you know you -- the whole concept of something known as adverse selection, which you've been talking about on your program, this idea that if your adversely selecting, people costing more money, that's not
10:26 am
going to work and people have been describing it as this house of cards. it's not really that simple. while this will be disruptive, in the longer run as more and more people come into the system, under this individual mandate -- which is really the more important pillar in this whole thing -- it's likely to sustain itself. they seem -- i've been talking to people, even during the speech, communicating with people in the insurance industry, obviously a big deal. but they were nonpluffed by this. >> the trade association said the fix would be disruptive. where do you see the biggest impact of this fix offered today by president obama? >> well i think a lot of people are going to keep their insurance, obviously, that's the most immediate impact.
10:27 am
and again, you know, this hasn't been explained really well as the president said so many times today. but this idea that there are, as a doctor i can tell you, you know when i'm scheduling procedures for patients or talking to them about the defense things they're going to need you spend a lot of time on the phone with insurance company to get those things done. doctors looking forward to the idea much more would be streamlined, covered, many more patients overall would have health care insurance and address a lot of the things. that's for a year that's not going to happen to who knows how many patients, they're going to keep older plans. but there's something else, though, jake, and i think it's something people don't talk about enough, this idea that we wanted to create a health care system that focused on certain things to try and make us a healthier america overall and one of the things was prevention, this idea that preventative services would automatically be covered. in totality, covered for the
10:28 am
procedures, co-pays, all of those things covered. that gets us closer to this place where we're becoming a healthier america. a lot of the plans, that again, will be allowed, extended for a year don't offer those services and patients who should be getting those services don't get them. they don't recognize it's a problem but was in the long run they may have caught a cancer that may not have been caught. and from a medical perspective, that's a big deal for the long game. >> dr. sanjay gupta on the phone from london, thank you. john king and chief political correspondent candy crowley. listen with me president obama taking responsibility for this just a few minutes ago. >> already people who have plans that predate the affordable care act can keep those plans if they haven't changed, that was already in the law, that's what's called a grandfather
10:29 am
clause that was included in the law. we'll extent the principle both to people whose plans have changed and the people who bought plans since the law took effect. so state insurance commissioners still have the power to decide what plans can and can't be sold in they're states but the bottom line is, insurers can extend current plans that would otherwise be canceled into 2014 and americans whose plans have been canceled can choose to reenroll in the same kind of plan. my expectation was that for 98% of the american people either it genuinely wouldn't change at all or they'd be pleasantly surprised with the options in the market place. and that the grandfather clause would cover the rest. that proved not to be the case. and that's on me. >> that's on me, john king. >> that's on me. he acknowledged, yes, democrats
10:30 am
taking a hit because of the problems with rollout of the health care law and wanted to try to help them. he said that the voters should blame him, not democrats. you've heard from capitol hill, democrats who want to take votes because they're in tough re-election battles back home, they'll aplayed what the president's doing but take votes to say look what i did. it was on bill and hillary clinton, democrats lost 52 seats. democrats are worried, after the government shutdown they were optimistic. now they're pessimistic what next year looks like. >> administrative fixes don't work on the campaign trail. you have to say i voted for this. yes, i voted for the president's health care plan but i voted to change this, this, this. you can't sell an administrative fix. >> bill clinton made comments this week he thought the law should be changed in order for the pledge that the president had made if you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan, to be uphold.
10:31 am
did that force president obama's hand today. >> the president said in the nbc interview with chuck todd he was going to find an administrative fix. he was critical of the president, he was speaking tells you a lot. the bush administration, republicans didn't like a lot of things he was doing but kept their mouth shut out of loyalty to the president. when you have bill clinton, dick durbin and lower ranking democrats, a member of the leadership saying, the face of the political reality, we have to change this law, when democrats see the green light to speak out and criticize their president, the white house, criticize his team, that tells you a lot of what they see is the political environment. if the president loses his party in the second material, that spells trouble. >> there is a significant difference between saying, as bill clinton suggested and as
10:32 am
the landrieu bill would do, as dana bash pointed out, allow you to keep your health plan if you like your health plan in perpetuity for one more year. >> if your pledge was if you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan period. but, look, the you know the president is basically trying to strap on the wings at 50,000 feet here. and so the problem, to me, is that people are beginning not to trust the plane. and you look at the president's approving ratings, that's one thing. but the trust, that is what you use -- that's -- it's always been what people liked and trusted him, thought he really had their needs in mind. and if that's what's at stake here -- we're seeing it in polls as it goes done -- 50,000-foot view everything that comes up begins to undermine the plane. >> that's the shocking number in the poll the other day. >> people think you're not
10:33 am
honest. >> untrustworthy than trust worry. >> hard to put a plan changing this big a part of the economy into place -- and there's other things people object to and he's going to have to sell it and it becomes more difficult every day. >> the president offered an olive branch to people notified they'd lose their insurance, one more year. what will that mean one year from now?
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and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. welcome back. cnn investigations taking a closer look at cancellations sent to millions of americans. a million people in california alone were told their insurance plans were going away. those are the people the president was talking to today. let me bring back chris who brought that report yesterday. do we flow how many have gone out. >> that's the million dollar question. want to talk to insurance officials they tell me there's no way of knowing how many are going out or how many will go out in the future because it's regulated by state. each state has its own rules, laws, so there's no way to flkn across the country how many may be getting one in their mailbox.
10:38 am
we talked about california, 1 million will be canceled. when i talked to the commissioner, he said that was an estimate. and the way we arrives at the number, there's 1.9 million people in the individual market in california. and 800,000 of those people have plans that are grandfathered in. that means those plans aren't affected by obama care and people can keep those plans. by definition, there's 1.1 million people who will get canceled. he's unhappy about this, he thinks insurers should leave people on their plans but he doesn't have power or legal authority to stop it. >> do we know what effect the president's announcement will have. >> we've seen the trade group that represents insurance companies come out and they said this could destabilize the market. there's a big fear among insurers that i talked to if the states take this too far, that there could be a hike in premiums, that they had priced in what next year was going to look like and to change the rules now, might make things a
10:39 am
bit unstable for consumers. and they also say that they're looking at this as a political move. and they see that the administration is essentially trying to make the insurers the bad guys to say, the president said the insurers could extend this a whole year and it's the insurers choosing not to do it. now they're the bad guys and feel very much like this is the old obama play book that we saw during health care reform of winning back the people by making the insurers the villains here. >> interesting. the president, of course, his move today, all that means is all of these cancellation notices will go out in a year. >> that's absolutely right. insurers point out that that year will be october 2014, right before the midterms. so terrible timing. that's why you have senators like mary landrieu trying to mitigate this. it could be a big risk come next year. they don't want to get snagged by obama care in their elections. >> right. landrieu and five other senate
10:40 am
democrats pushing for a bill that would allow people to keep their plans in perpetuity, not just for a year. ahead, get ready for a fiery exchange. newt gingrich and van jones two hosts from "cross fire" will join me to talk about the president's remarks. [ male announcer ] every inch. every minute. every second -- we chip away. with an available ecodiesel engine... and a best-in-class 30 mpg highway and 730-mile driving range... for all the times you dreamed of running away from home -- now you can. with enough fuel to get back. this is the new 2014 jeep grand cherokee. it is the best of what we're made of. well-qualified lessees can lease the 2014 grand cherokee laredo 4x4 for $359 a month.
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>> my working assumption was
10:44 am
that the majority of those folks would find better policies at lower costs or the same costs in the marketplaces and that the universe of folks who potentially would not find a better deal in the marketplaces, the grandfather clause would work sufficiently for them. and it didn't. and again, that's on us. which is why -- that's on me. and that's why i'm trying to fix it. as i said earlier, i guess last week, and i will repeat, that's something i deeply regret because it's scary getting a cancellation notice. >> two of the hosts of cnn's "crossfire," van jones and newt gingrich, join me now. thanks for being here. the president say his fumbled the rollout. is this a turning point for the white house? >> i think so. we'll get into whether it's legal and handled properly.
10:45 am
first thing you see today is obama the lawyer is gone. obama the leader is back. he's not trying to say, look what i said was this and what i meant was that and lawyer up his responses, that's gone. he said it's on me, we fumbled this. that's the first thing he's got to do to restore credibility and get momentum going, i thought it was good. interesting to see the response earlier of boehner who could have said, listen, the president's coming forward, he wanted to fix this, i'm going to meet this president and we're going to try to fix this thing. you have a plresident saying these are fixable and boehner throwing in the towel not meeting the president to solve the problem. >> "saturday night live" will not be able to do justice to this. this is an absurdity. this is the president of the united states behaving as though he's a dictator saying he's going to waive the law, not ask the congress to change the law.
10:46 am
he's going to announce all of you insurance companies trust me. i was wrong about the website and i was wrong about you losing your plans but this time, trust me, we won't prosecute if you break the law. >> he has the executive authority to do this? >> i think the idea you're going to establish a nationwide policy based on nonprosecution while you ask people to break the law guarantees so many lawsuits, every trial lawyer in the country's going to be watching this. >> i don't -- i don't think that's exactly right. i think that the president does have transitional authority to implement this program. he's done it with the business community, there have been exceptions. here what happens i think is remarkable. whatever this president does, the republicans kick it. they think hit name is barack pinata obama when he's standing back, not showing leadership, he's arrogant. he steps forward, now he's abusing his authorities. no matter what happens this party will not work with the
10:47 am
president. >> the president didn't say why don't you come down, let's fix it together. he held one more press conference to explain one more brilliant move. at the same time the president didn't bring in the insurance companies to say, guys, how can you physically do this? there two things going on here. senator landrieu, democrat, immediately said after this, she's moving forward. she doesn't buy this. so you have a democratic senator, not a republican, democrat saying it. and the insurance companies promptly said, this is totally unworkable. >> let me point out a few -- the word absurd is one of your favorite words. when the president was meeting wit insurance companies you and others said he was having secret meetings. when he meets with insurance companies he's wrong. when he done meet with them, he's wrong. >> he can meet with them in public. he could have brought them in public and said is there a way to work through the problem. >> the viewers need to be keyed in on. these problems are small and
10:48 am
fixable and the president's moving forward to fix them the republicans could help but instead they're demagoguing. >> wait a second. a million people in california getting a cancellation is not a small problem. if you're -- you're the guy who is compassionate. if you're one of those families that's getting this letter this is not a small problem. >> i've got friends in california who gotten some of the letters. i've been a democrat pushing the strigs do something. i'm going to say let's get behind the guy and fix it. one more observation about this entire process. you know, when you have a law that gets passed, and i challenge you, when was last time we passed a perfect law? you didn't pass any perfect laws. you had to bow back and fix laws, welfare laws, medicare part d. we didn't pretend the republic was collapsing we fixed medicare part d. >> van, wait a second.
10:49 am
wit a second. the gap between -- the defense of a perfect law and this fiasco, i mean even with your yale law school training this is a hard thing to take to the jury and go, you know, when the entire railroad came through your front yard, it wases a visit, don't take it personally. >> i have said it's a tough thing. but i think i'm disappointed, a lot of people are disappointed with medicare part d a train wreck. democrats voted against it. >> it wasn't a train wreck. >> tell your people to come help fix it. >> only a minute left. doesn't he have a point -- i've been talking for last hour people criticizing the president has a point, in fairness, doesn't he have a point in that republicans could do more to step in and try to fix this? >> they are on friday. you're going to see fred upton bring a bill to the floor that's a serious fix, you can agree or disagree. i suspect you'll see republicans in the national trying to find a way to reach a compromise with
10:50 am
landrieu to get a serious fix. what nobody in the congress is going to say the president of the united states has power arbitrarily to decide which laws to enforce. that's not the rule of law. that would be the rule of personality. >> what the president has done wrong and those are bad. he's trying to deal with that, but he hasn't taken his eye off the ball of fixing the broken health care system. the most important thing is the health care system was broken before. they're trying to improve it now. he's trying to fix and upgrade obama care. he's doing that today and i'm proud of him. >> don't miss more of these guys on "crossfire" tonight. joining them, a republican from louisiana, versus congressman raul grijalva, democrat from arizona. only on cnmark. >> the assassination of president john f. kennedy, his death is still a haunting mystery 50 years later.
10:51 am
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welcome back. a time of revolution in the streets with young people demanding change. i'm talking about the u.s. during the 1960s. it was quite a time with the civil rights movement in full force and a raging vietnam war. we are marking 50 years since the assassination of president john f. kennedy. our new film, the '60s, the jfk anassation airs tonight. hanks was a boy when kennedy was killed. he remembers his feature breaking down into tears when the news was announced. he tells christiane amanpour more about that horrible day. >> i remember thinking this doesn't happen in the real world. a president doesn't get shot in front of everybody the way john f. kennedy.
10:55 am
now, at 7 years old, i was barry even a socially conscious being, but the overwhelming sadness of every adult i came across was rattling. >> what will the film show us? >> well, the stuff we're doing for cnn is really taking how television covered these great moments, both of history and sort of like society. everything from news reports to like the british invasion of rock bands. and it's how this medium that was really just coming into its first great technological muscles and how it now looks so incredibly primitive that we almost wonder how we hung so much importance on the truth that television told us when really it was dictated by copper wire and innuendo almost. >> we'll look at new insights from the day jfk was shot and killed and see how the world has changed. you won't want to miss our
10:56 am
special premiere of the '60s, jfk assassination. i'll be book at 4:00. the newsroom continues with zoraida and john after this quick break.
10:57 am
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hello, everyone.
11:00 am
i'm john berman alongside zoraida sambolin. we're live from new york and we begin with breaking news. the milwaukee children's hospital currently on lockdown after reports coming from there of a shooting. a tweet from the hospital confirms the lockdown. let's listen in to the press conference and learn what we can. >> protecting the investigation, we still believe that the community has a need to know early on some of the things that transpired here this afternoon. we have primary jurisdiction here. police jurisdiction here at the medical complex. this is a joint investigation with the milwaukee police department right now. about 11:59 a.m., a call came into our dispatch of an active shooter at children's hospital. squads arrived and what we learned was that milwaukee police officers

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